What is Faster EFT and what role does it play in weight reduction? This is a question that is highly likely to be asked by an overweight or obese person that has tried everything to lose excess weight, but has failed with every promising technique they attempted. For these people, their first thought may be that this system might just be another scan which will rob them of their money and dash their hopes of ever losing weight.
However, EFT practitioner and Faster EFT developer Robert G. Smith is swift to debunk each one of these claims about his techniques. He himself will show you comprehensively how his system could cause positive changes in your health and life, which definitely includes providing you the help and support you will need to lose weight.
The System Defined
Let us begin by answering the question “What’s Faster EFT?”
According to Robert Smith, his program is a multidisciplinary alternative intervention technique. The term “multidisciplinary” implies that Smith as incorporated elements from other intervention ways of create a new technique that’s definitely more effective.
Faster EFT Practitioner
The three main elements that define Faster EFT are Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), and traditional EFT. NLP employs the usage of self-affirmation phrases which will assist in “reprogramming” the brain for the intended purpose of eliminating negative thought, emotional and behavioral patterns. BSFF, however, espouses a direct approach to dealing with behavioral and emotional problems, unlike other psychotherapeutic methods that proceed in a time-consuming roundabout way. Last but not least, EFT employs tapping on the meridian points of acupuncture to correct the flow of energy throughout the mind-body system.
These specific elements are what give this technique its effectiveness in healing a host of conditions, and this would include promoting weight reduction.
How Faster EFT Helps to Achieve Weight Loss
The simplest way to describe how Faster EFT might help you to shed weight is by taking a look at the earlier mentioned disciplines which were incorporated into the technique.
As you very well know, overweightedness and obesity isn’t a disease in the true sense of that word. Aside from metabolic orders that cause significant gains in weight, most cases of obesity certainly are a result of bad eating habits and emotional and psychological problems. Many overweight and obese people have problems with loneliness, depression and poor self-esteem, emotions which were not originally precipitated by the weight gain. However, food items, like chocolates and sweets, and the act of eating gives them a sense of satisfaction and temporarily relieves them of these emotional pains. Unfortunately, frequent bingeing soon causes them to get those extra pounds.
Faster EFT specifically targets these problem areas, as well as many others that have not been mentioned. After an interview and evaluation, the Faster EFT specialist creates positive phrases that would directly target the “weaknesses” of the individual. These phrases can concentrate on the person’s eating habits or his/her beliefs that food gives him/her comfort. As these phrases are being repeated, the Faster EFT specialist taps the meridian points simultaneously. As the disruptions of the power flow are corrected, the complete mind-body system becomes more vunerable to the “suggestions” being made in the phrases. Simply speaking, both body and the mind are increasingly being reprogrammed, enabling the given individual to transform and institute the necessary action to lose weight.
What makes Faster EFT a cut above other weight reduction techniques is that positive results are seen considerably faster and the beneficial effects can be long-term or even permanent.
Find More Answers to Your General Faster EFT Questions
If the reason above has enticed you to try out Faster EFT as a means of solving your bodyweight problems, the next logical step would be to find more information regarding this technique.