Have you ever wondered how plastic containers are made? Where did it come from and how is it formed? A lot of questions are still kept unanswered on your mind. Well then, let us try to subtly answer your question by reading this article about plastic injection molding. After reading the whole context of the article, you will just realize that some of your questions are already being answered.

Plastics took hundreds to thousands of years before it will break down. As a matter of fact, plastics live 10-20 times longer than human beings. The increasing production of plastics today causes environmental problem which affects the society itself. In order to solve this problem, recycling of plastic bottles and other plastic-made-products is one of the few solutions. Recently, a lot of plastic-maker invented machines that can help solve the problem. The machines processed the old plastic-made-products into a new formed one. The new formed plastics are being used for storage components or any other household designs


The formation of the new plastic container from the scrap happens like a magic. People must give credit to those brilliant minds that happen to invent these machineries. The productions have three phases: the melting or the injection phase, the molding and the polishing. In melting phase, used plastic containers or any plastic products are being crush into pieces of bits. Although some companies use a machine to grind the plastics into smaller pieces, still the idea of cutting into pieces makes it easy to achieve the melting point (it has been discusses by our physics teacher that the smaller the surface area, the faster will it burn). The grind plastics were being placed into a huge cylinder that has a very hot funnel, hot enough to achieve the melting point. As the grind plastic passed the funnel, it will melt and the melted plastic will be instilled on the molding container proceeding into another phase called molding.

In the molding phase, different forms and styles of container are being provided. The melted plastic will generally compress on the container leaving no air spaces behind. After the compression, it will be placed in an area to cool it down and then release from the container. Usually, some companies use a container that can be separated into halves after the cooling down process, for the easy removal of the new formed plastic container.

The new formed container will be placed into specific area for final touching and this is called, the polishing phase. Painting colorful designs and adding some craft for the final process, is the intervention of polishing phases. After this a new formed plastic are being reborn.

The idea of this plastic injection molding brings a lot of help to the society. Aside from the jobs it provides, saving the mother earth is the main role of this project. The different designs of plastics are being consumed by the people. From the bottle containers up to kitchen utensils, everything is made up of recycled plastics and continuously recycling.